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KindleCareer creates assessment and reports using standardized psychometric tools for students, professionals, organizations and educational institutions. The collective experience of KindleCareer in this field is over 20 years.

1. What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e what’s your source of motivation?
The unending possibilities in the field of career mentoring, career guidance excites us to no end.

2. Why should people choose your product/services?
Because of three reasons: Most convienient mode of online assessment(on mobile), concise report, which does not complicate things and lastly subject matter experts as career mentors, to guide students with the most practical perspective on career choice.

3. What’s your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?
We are creating a career guidance portal run on block chain technology and that is difficult to replicate.

4. What risks are you facing?
None as of now.

5. Have you considered any alliance/partnership?
We are talking to few content partners and would be shortly integrating them to our service.

6. What are your cash flow projections? When will you break even? How much will you need in investments?
We have already broken even and we are only now looking at enhancing our service offerings.

7. What comes first for you money or emotions?
Our emotions are definitely run on vision and is any way fetching us money.

8. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Our collective experience is of 50 years(we are two founders of this venture) is our strength and our weaknesses is the obsession with anything that is latest in technology.

9. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.
Winning a contract of 1200 students in the first three months of inception.

10. How do you handle the pressure?
We just do not let pressure get the better of us.

11. If you sold your company today, what would be the tone of the conversation? What would you want to gain? What would you want to avoid losing?
We do not have any thoughts of selling our company.

12. What advice would you give to someone starting out?
Validate your idea first and then plunge in with the awareness that failure is also a distinct possibility.


Rahul Anand (born October 4, 1997) is an Indian Entrepreneur, Blogger and Author. He is Founder and CEO of EduFlick and The IndianPreneur.

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