Kolkata, 21st December, 2018: Konckstarter had it’s first meet in India at NASSCOM warehouse on 21st December, 2018 from 5 O’clock in the evening in association with RoboManiax Edutech, GroupClap, Qiklegal, The Publicity Dude and The IndianPreneur. The event was ideated to bring people from different backgrounds with same ideologies at a single platform to create a co-working atmosphere for startups. The meet was attended by startup founders, co-founders, college students, investors, mentors and professionals from various companies.

The event was kick-started by our MC Alisa Khan’s welcome speech in which she explained the format of the event which is divided in four segments consisting of Pitching, Impromptu, Knock-Knock and Business promotion.

The pitching round had two speakers. The speakers were Mr. Amit Gupta, 3rd year student, who is the CEO of BrickView Studio working on Augmented Reality and Mr. Ankit Anand, 3rd year student, CEO of Hoockon, which aims to decrease the struggles of a student. Both of them explained their product to the audience and aimed two pitch in two demo investors, part of our community, at the end they were questioned on the various aspects of their companies.

The next round, Impromptu added life to the event, in this five volunteers from the audience were given hypothetical situations on which they were situations and they had to perform on that. Mr Vishal an IIT graduate, an enthusiast of startup culture had not only performed but had also thrown light on the startup culture.

The third phase called “knock-knock” was the evaluation round where three eminent entrepreneurs whom we call “knockester” had evaluated the speakers’ pitching and the meeting in general. Our first knockester Mr. Avinash Diwedi, CEO of GroupClap  had given suggestions to Mr. Amit on how he could improve his presentation and business. Mr. Nitesh Singh, our second kockester, CEO of a legal consultancy, Qiklegal had give suggestions to Mr. Ankit so that he could improve his revenue model. Our general knockester Mr. Mayank Rajput, CEO of RoboManiax EducTech ltd had talked about the meeting in general and the need to build a startup ecosystem here.

In the final phase the founders of knockstarter Mr. Ashutosh Jha and Mr. Surya Pramod had elabroated on the future plans of this global community. He showed his gratitude for everyone who helped him and came down to the attend the meeting on a cold friday night. Then the floor was open for business promotion where various companies promoted themselves in like 2 minutes.

The meeting came to an end with network building over a cup of coffee and capturing the moments of the day. To conclude, everyone enjoyed the session as it was the first of it’s kind. Most said they loved being there as not only did they learn something new but also they networked with great minds.

About knockstarter:

Knockstarter is a global community for entrepreneurs.The aim of Knockstarter is to connect the Entrepreneurs together by bringing them under a roof and to foster entrepreneurial skills in them.

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Rahul Anand (born October 4, 1997) is an Indian Entrepreneur, Blogger and Author. He is Founder and CEO of EduFlick and The IndianPreneur.

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