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Go Lead Digital is the thought of two people – Roshan Samuel Ambler & Sunderbharathi Reddiar, sharing years of bonding and then landing on a common ground to showcase their different skill set and knowledge. A good friend is all it takes to build a gratifying entity. We are evolving fast, bridging the gap between all platforms, and going from website builder to holistic digital marketing agency. Being born and raised in Mumbai has led us to set the stage straight in this Digital World. The plan of working under the name of Go Lead Digital is simple: Lead and explore the opportunity of the digital world. If not us, then who? Because the past decades had been a witness of, the world getting small enough to fit in one palm. We encourage the digital world and look forward to adding value. We are a full-service digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, India. From generating a concept or an idea to transform the same into a solid design and develop it logically. We garnish it all with the flavours of uniqueness, perfection and current trend. Indeed all this is done keeping simplicity in mind. We do understand the value of time, but we equally value the quality of the work delivered. At Go Lead Digital we EAT, SLEEP, and CREATE Digital Vibes.

About Roshan Samuel Ambler (Founder – Go Lead Digital)

He is all about experiential work. Like the graph of the learning curve that only gets better with time. Also, known as `SEO King` for his core SEO skills, and consultations. He has a vast experience working with multiple client’s projects, Local, National, and International. Ask him about his work, and he will tell you, It`s my passion. One person who takes pride for his work and strives to keep up on the deliverable. He is also the Facebook community manager for Digital Questions and Answers by Sorav Jain and Indian Digital Club by Snehal Chandak. He was recently part of the trendsetter idea of celebrating ‘Digital Marketing Day’. This idea was an initiative by community administrators and moderators of ‘Digital Marketing Question and Answers’ on Facebook. A simple idea to celebrate the spirit of ‘Digital Marketers’ on ‘Digital Marketing Day,’ this event will now be held on 16th December of each year on a National and Global scale.


Company: Go Lead Digital

Name of the founder(s): Roshan Samuel Ambler & Sunderbharathi Reddiar


Services: Digital Marketing, Design, and Maintenance, App Development, Web Development





1. What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s your source of motivation?

I know that this might seem like a concise answer and a little philosophical, but it is the one thing that would get me up and out of bed in the morning. That thing is “purpose.” If I have a purpose to get up, and I am the only person responsible for getting myself up, then I will do so and get out of bed. It can be an appointment with a doctor or just getting to work. When things like work don’t seem necessary, then there can be problems getting out of bed. I do not like loud alarms, so I have a piece of favourite music that starts rather quietly and builds in volume. I also do not use the snooze function. It does help to have a plan in advance of what you need to do before you get started with your day. That includes your usual morning routine, but also any paperwork that needs to be gathered, or items that you will need. Anything I can do the night before I find helps to have already done before sleep. I don’t quite jump into my pants and boots like the traditional image of a fireman. The most important thing is to have a purpose — a purpose that is important to you.

2. Why should people choose your product/services?

We use a user-centered approach which is driven by refinement, evolution and ROI focused objectives, placing the user at the core to deliver successful strategy, design and marketing activity. Our evolving strategy plays a vital role in engaging experiences of the users that consistently accomplish our client’s goals. Go lead digital, our refinement process of integrating teams across the business for collaboration allows us to react to the changing market environment. Let`s set industry benchmark together with technological changes and adaptive market forces. Our creative process begins with our clients and ends with our client. “We don’t have Clients; We have Partnered.”

3. What’s your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?

Go Lead Digital has a team of digital marketing specialists to help you beat the competition. With our skills and expertise, we can create a robust online presence for your business that attracts new clients and engages current customers. We Create Digital Ideas That Are Bigger, Bolder, Braver and Better.

4. What risks are you facing?

Since “Risk” is an essential characteristic of the universe, as an Entrepreneur, you’ve got to take all these risks if you want to play the game. Everything in business risks. Likewise the profits too! Potential business risks are:

Losing to competition – If it fails to plan strategically based on the market standards and industry competition

Improper staffing – May completely ruin the business if you have inefficient staff as compared to your competition

Choosing the wrong location – If the business unit is located in a wrong place, where customer footprint ratio is less, chances are there the business will go down Alternatively, if things are appropriately planned with the accurate demographic location, adequate staffing, quality product inventory, friendly ambience, trust me, there is unlimited earning potential. Focus on customer satisfaction and business will pour in.

5. Have you considered any alliance/partnership?

Yes, we are currently working with strategic partners from all over India, USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, & more. When two parties enter into a partnership of this sort, they both must be clear on the goals. Usually, the goal is a stretch, so they are motivated and challenged to achieve more than was planned. To list a few reasons how alliances have helped us to create value:

Enhancing overall R&D capabilities

Gaining access to key supplies

Entering new foreign markets

Improving our managing and delivery systems

6. What are your cash flow projections? When will you break even? How much will you need in investments?

It’s positive at this time, as we took 2018 to be our testing ground and also building our brand and we are continuously growing. We project that in the next two years we would be breaking the barriers to be one of the top digital marketing agencies in India. We have built Go Lead Digital from our hard work and sweat. What we have earning we are continuously investing to grow continually. We are investing in branding building, ad campaigns, and more. We are also developing marketing automation tools. This will not only help us ease of our manual processes and activities but also gathering data from the campaigns to predict ROI projections. Bottom line, we are not looking for any funding or investments at this point of the business.

7. What comes first for you money or emotions?

For us we feel Money is not about finances, it’s about Emotions. A change in our financial situation starts with a shift in how we think about money. Clearing out the negative thoughts about money will remove the blockages that are preventing money from flowing to us. Rather than seeking to weed out or ignore our emotions from the strategizing process, we leverage them to support strategy formulation. Our practice of iterating, reiterating, and analyzing different scenarios brings emotional reactions to the surface early on. By allowing the emotions to come out first, then by the time to make a decision, the decision won’t be shaped by feelings but will be based on analysis and facts. When people feel free to express their emotions at an early stage, it’s a sign of trust; when team members listen and take those emotions into account, it’s a sign of trust and respect.

8. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My greatest strength is knowing my weaknesses. During the process of working on the project, it has hardly been the case where I did not finish the project well in advance. Earlier I used, but as I gained experience, I now do the work on a priority basis as this gives me happiness and I am now tension free. Previously I use to pick the next project only after the completion of one project, but soon I realized that one could start on several projects during one time and based on the importance they can a lot of time and dedication this same time and efforts as well. Weaknesses. This is much easier to talk about. There have been so many instances where I involved a lot of time working on a specific project. Little did I realize that if I would have designated the work to someone else then not only I could have saved a lot of time but eventually I could have utilized this time in doing the job according to my calibre. Well, my biggest weakness is that I work too hard, so I need to try to take it easy once in a while.

9. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

I’m smart (fun fact), I have always been an average student in the class. But during my HSC (Commerce + IT) days, I received a scholarship from my church, and I start putting extra efforts to do justice to my learning. I broke the curve in my exams in 11th standard. I got another scholarship for 12th standard. I won’t say what I scored, but I was projected to reach an excellent score. I’m adamant, after dropping my 1st year in college (BMS at Chetana’s Institutes of Management & Research). I pursued sales and marketing jobs, for supporting my family. I grabbed every opportunity to learn and take additional responsibilities. With the struggle of 3+ years, I finally got an opportunity to work in Web Design. I took on the job and responsibility. Within a year I was heading the web development team and slowing leaning towards Digital Marketing through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). I self-learned SEO and took one independent SEO project as a challenge. I carefully created an effective SEO strategy in place focusing on increasing targeted traffic. And after a duration of fewer than six months, I was able to 3x the amount of website traffic and 5x the amount of online leads. The same client gave us almost ten confirmed referral SEO clients. I want this kind of results I want to achieve for all of our clients at my firm (Go Lead Digital) I’m a critical thinker, thinking faster is not a recipe for success, especially in business-critical situations where quality is of utmost importance. That said, productive, logical and creative thinking is crucial to solving problems in a faster and more efficient manner. There were these two projects one was where I was executing a 360 digital marketing for an international event to generate 5000 leads, and two where we were dealing with one of the top retail e-commerce chains had to acquire the first exposure for their brand. Both the project success gave me the nickname ‘SEO King.’

10. How do you handle the pressure?

Being focused and seeing the overall project deliverables rather than minor setbacks or delays, helps me to be on target and change my thought process so I can tackle the things quickly.

11. If you sold your company today, what would be the tone of the conversation? What would you want to gain? What would you want to avoid losing?

No question of selling, we think about growing not closing our business.

12. What advice would you give to someone starting out?

If I could give one advice to anyone whether they’re an entrepreneur or a marketer, is to have a positive mindset. Whether there’s a good or bad situation, life goes on. Trust yourself, take risks, be focused on what you want to achieve and plan accordingly. Don’t forget to take consideration of your current situation family, work, finance, etc. which I feel most people fail to analyze before starting anything.


Rahul Anand (born October 4, 1997) is an Indian Entrepreneur, Blogger and Author. He is Founder and CEO of EduFlick and The IndianPreneur.

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