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I hope this can inspire you to become a successful entrepreneur too! Why is it important to hear the story of a successful entrepreneur?
Having the vision to become an entrepreneur is great. Making it happen is another story!

The story of real people, like you and me, who decided to take their life into their hands and make their dreams come true, for the greater good! The story of a real successful entrepreneur, who built their success from scratch: thanks to their passion, their authenticity, and their vision!

In that frame, I had the pleasure to interview Sukriti Yadav, one of the co-founders of Bihar Bytes – which is Bihar’s first travel portal which works online as well as offline to promote the tourism of Bihar i.e through campaigns, travel meetups, videos and photos of the tourist spots with potential. Bihar Bytes is a social venture “ProBox Media” which is a PR and Digital Marketing firm.

1. What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e what’s your source of motivation?
My dreams are my biggest motivation. It gives me a reason to wake up for and work each day getting closer to it. Being an entrepreneur I have learned to deal with failures and also getup with more enthusiasm and treat each day as a new beginning and opportunity.

2. What’s your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?
We have chosen what others left and neglected i.e working towards promoting the tourist destinations of Bihar. The places which we have been working are unexplored by most of us. We believe to create original content which would have a powerful impact on the travellers.

3. What risks are you facing?
Since ours is the first travel startup and one of it’s kind. Also, it’s a women-led startup so that itself has a lot of risk factor in it. To travel across the state and collect all the data and information about them takes a lot of time and effort. Some people don’t even understand what and why we are doing this. Making them aware of the power of tourism and its effect on the economy of the state itself is a very big task. There is always a risk of failure at every step and that makes it even harder to approach for the next step. Being a social entrepreneur is not easy. Especially how you fetch money becomes an even tougher task.

4. Have you considered any alliance/partnership?
Not yet.

5. What comes first for you money or emotions?
I am an emotional person and get affected by small things but I have made myself very strong over the years. For me, emotion comes first and not mone this is a very reason that I have chosen to stay back in Bihar and work over here despite chosen a highly paid job in metropolitan cities. I love my state and I wanted to contribute my bit for Bihar and that made me stay here and leave my Job in a big organization (BBC)

6. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I have gained my strength from my failures and have learned to win over it. As women, there are several bars that I had to pass be it society or family. I have no weakness as such.

7. How do you handle the pressure?
I have always worked better in pressure and come up with results.
I try to keep myself calm during pressure and work one by one over it. Taking a lot of pressure creates a kind of panic in a person and we tend to become less productive at that time. It’s better to learn to work in pressure and come up with the best because every field has its own challenges.

8. If you sold your company today, what would be the tone of the conversation? What would you want to gain? What would you want to avoid losing?
I would never want to sell my firm because this is not just a firm but an emotion for me.

9. What advice would you give to someone starting out?
The most difficult thing is to begin and once you start your journey new doors will open for you if you give your heart and soul to your work. As an entrepreneur, there are times when you see your dream coming true at one moment and at the other moment you are left heartbroken.


Rahul Anand (born October 4, 1997) is an Indian Entrepreneur, Blogger and Author. He is Founder and CEO of EduFlick and The IndianPreneur.

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